Poseidon maritime SERVICES


Mobile integrated offshore work centre

AQUARIUS BRASIL is an integrated project management and execution centre developed to facilitate all offshore asset installation and maintenance projects. The unit provides workshops, storage spaces, offices, meeting rooms as well as extensive living and recreation facilities for a large number of persons right next to where they are needed.

Aquarius Brasil is a monohull diesel electric DP2 vessel, uniquely designed and equipped to provide extensive accommodation and workshop facilities to support and service offshore projects in deep water areas.

Aquarius Brasil provides floating accommodation facilities to comfortably house a complement of 450 persons including its own crew and catering staff, working platform and logistics support.

Aquarius Brasil is equipped with offshore knuckle boom cranes, telescopic gangway and helideck. Aquarius Brasil is a fast track conversion project built in accordance to high specification of one oil and gas key players in Brazil.

Vessel was completed and brought to successful sea trials in April 2013, followed by its delivery for the first 5 years assignment in Campos basin, near Brazilian coast line.