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Aquarius Brasil Deployment in Campos Basin, Brazil

Our company can provide you with a complete ship lay-up solution. We can provide you with the safe, cost-efficient and secure locations for lay- up and follow through all necessary procedures.
Lay-up management is paramount for handling the wide range of technical and financial issues that arise when taking vessels out of service for a certain period of time.

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Poseidon Maritime Services has extensive experience in vessel lifecycle management and specialized in technologically demanding assets. We are able to assist our customers assessing, maintaining and extending the vessel lifecycle to create added value from design to demolition. Our emphasis in value creation is with continuous lifecycle management where the focus is with main economical contributors from ongoing onboard maintenance, scheduled dockings, refurbishments to system upgrade projects.

Mobile integrated offshore work centre
AQUARIUS BRASIL is an integrated project management and execution centre developed to facilitate all offshore asset installation and maintenance projects. The unit provides workshops, storage spaces, offices, meeting rooms as well as extensive living and recreation facilities for a large number of persons right next to where they are needed.

Vessel is currently deployed at Campos basin, providing assistance to Petrobras P-18 platform.

Aquarius Brasil Charter

Our professional technical team monitor vessel condition and performance via regular reporting from the vessel and thorough onboard inspections.
We ensure that Owners are getting the maximized outcome from their high value assets that are fully maintained, surveyed and audited  to comply with all applicable requirements and legislation.

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Poseidon Maritime Services Pte Ltd is a ship management company founded by the team behind Poseidon Offshore Pte Ltd. The company is a direct development from Poseidon Offshore tapping on the knowledge and experience gained from the concept design of the advanced accommodation vessel Aquarius Brasil to day to day operation as the Owner’s representatives. The company was set up as a dedicated specialized ship management services provider focusing on the specific operational and regional aspects in addition to in depth technical and operational knowledge. The target market segment is high value offshore  assets owners that require the highest standards with regards to customer satisfaction, health, safety and environment, operational and maintenance excellence.